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In recent years, Brazil has experienced what many in the country view as nothing short of an economic, political, social, and environmental crisis. Intolerance, income inequality, and distrust of the government are on the rise as tensions in the country have seemingly never been higher. In dark times like these, Estudio Miopia believe that takes an brave, independent person to simply be honest, trustworthy, and charitable. In these times, the true Outlaws are those rare few who still attempt to better themselves, better others, and contribute to the world in a positive way.

In “The Good Fight,” Miopia interprets the inherent danger, amidst the current Brazilian climate, of lending a hand to your neighbor. They show that the real Outlaws are those that can reach out, in the face of dangerous consequences, to create a more peaceful and understanding world.

The Luisa Mell Institute (ILM in Portuguese) is, above all, a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about animals and their well-being. The main mission of ILM is to rescue wounded, at-risk, or abused animals in their community.

ILM maintains a shelter with approximately 300 dogs and cats at any given time, most of whom are rescued from the streets. The shelter provides a warm bed, food, and medical care, with the ultimate objective of ensuring adoptions to good homes for the rescued animals.

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