Apres Hoodie in Natural Hemp Stripe

$118.00 $47.20

An unconventional take on a classic hoodie. This cozy blend of organic cotton and hemp is soft brushed on the inside to buttery perfection with a two-way brass zipper that won’t bunch at the waist. The reinforced welt pockets require six separate sewing actions, as opposed to the 2 it normally takes to sew your average kangaroo pocket. Why’d we do it? Because it looks cleaner and it gave us a great excuse to use our favorite San Fransisco map pocketing.

A hearty knit blend of hemp and organic cotton. The inside is soft-brushed for a warm, cozy fleeced texture. Organic cotton uses a fraction of the water of conventional farming, and hemp is so robust and easy to grow that it doesn’t even have an organic certification process.